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“Roundtable Discussion at Lusail University on University Contributions to Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Qatar”


“Roundtable Discussion at Lusail University on University Contributions to Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Qatar”

Qatar – November 28, 2023:

The Training and Continuing Education Center at Lusail University organized a roundtable discussion on “University Contributions to Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the State of Qatar.” This event was part of the collaboration with CIFAL, a network of training centers affiliated with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). The discussion witnessed distinguished participation from prominent figures in the field of education and sustainable development. Discussions focused around the crucial role of universities and the challenges faced by students in pursuing sustainable development goals in the modern world.

His Excellency Mr. Ali Zainel, Advisor for International Cooperation Affairs at the Ministry of Culture and former Permanent Delegate of Qatar to UNESCO, highlighted the role of education in understanding sustainable development goals and the importance of fostering leadership skills and innovation. He emphasized the necessity of activating partnerships and enhancing comprehensive education. He called for providing inclusive opportunities for learning and personal development that contribute to building a sustainable future.

His Excellency Prof. Muhyieddeen Touq, Board Member of Lusail University and former Minister of Higher Education in Jordan, shed light on the impact of universities in achieving sustainable development goals in research and education. He emphasized their increasing role in achieving these goals not only in the field of quality education, but across various other goals through their educational and research programs, as well as industry connections.

Dr. Sawsan Al-Benzarti, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Sustainable Development course at Lusail University, highlighted the university’s role in raising student awareness about the importance of sustainable development and its fundamental role in achieving it. Lusail University, as one of the newest universities in Qatar, has since its establishment in 2020 focused on achieving sustainable development goals through policies, infrastructure, partnerships, and educational programs. It continues to establish its position in the educational, economic, and social spheres through local and global partnerships and agreements, reaffirming its commitment to achieving sustainable development goals.

Engineer Samer Frangieh, Deputy Director-General for Risk and Compliance at Qatar Fund for Development, stressed the importance of intensifying efforts within the framework of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals – Agenda 2030, with only six years remaining. He highlighted the need for intensified efforts among all stakeholders in Qatar, including government entities, universities, schools, the private sector, civil society institutions, and donor funds. He emphasized the pivotal role of universities in focusing on research and developing scientific and practical skills for students, especially those addressing social, economic, and environmental issues linked to sustainable development goals.

Dr. Esmat Zaidan, Associate Professor at the College of Public Policy at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, concluded the discussion with her intervention on the transformative role of higher education in sustainable development. She presented how higher education institutions in Qatar have evolved to embrace sustainable development goals within academic, research, and societal contexts. Higher education institutions play a vital role in fostering innovation, educating individuals as global citizens, and disseminating knowledge for societal development, acting as catalysts for societal transformation, progress, and achieving sustainable development goals.

This meeting is part of ongoing efforts to highlight the role of universities and educational institutions in Qatar in achieving sustainable development goals, emphasizing the urgent need to strengthen collaboration and partnerships for building a sustainable future for future generations. The key outcomes of this meeting included:

  • Raising public awareness about the importance of achieving sustainable development and supporting awareness campaigns aimed at educating students on this issue.
    • Building common strategies and intensifying efforts between local universities and relevant authorities to contribute to achieving sustainable development, especially at the local level.
    • Shedding light on the challenges hindering the achievement of sustainable development goals, necessitating the need to enhance partnerships between schools, universities, and the local community.