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Message from the Dean Law (French)

Message from the Dean Law (French)

Dr. Moulay Hicham Idrissi

College of Law Message from the Dean

I am pleased to welcome you to the College of Law at Lusail University, which is one of the largest colleges in the university. It is open to all students, whether from the State of Qatar, residents or expatriates from all Gulf and Arab countries.

The College of Law is comprised of faculty and academic staff with qualifications and experiences from the most prestigious universities in the world, seeking to provide various knowledge in the field of legal sciences, which is witnessing significant development.

The College of Law offers quality programs in legal sciences accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar, which aim at enhancing legal education in both its theoretical and practical aspects. In addition, the programs provide students with knowledge and skills that will allow them to explore and find appropriate solutions related to legal issues as well as acquire necessary skills required for their future careers in legal affairs especially in the government and private sectors.

The College of Law, in partnership with the University of Hassan II in the Kingdom of Morocco, offers two bachelor’s degree programs in Public Law and Private Law in Arabic language.

The Private Law program prepares graduates to join the judicial and law professions, as well as various professions in the field of commerce, civil and real estate transactions, legal advice, and other legal professions. As for the Public Law program, it prepares students to work in public and foreign affairs sectors such as diplomatic and consular affairs, international non-profit organizations, security and all government sectors, but graduates can also join judicial and law professions.

Finally, in the College of Law, we aspire to serve the State of Qatar and its community by providing qualified human resources with knowledge and skills that cover the country’s needs as well as the labor market in all sectors related to legal affairs.

Dr. Moulay Hicham Idrissi
Acting Dean of the College of Law