Strategic Goals

  • Lusail University aims to provide its students with equal rights to access the sources of knowledge and expertise that the university provides in its various programs, scientific and recreational facilities. In order to help students to develop their abilities, hobbies and passions, the university will focus on activities accompanying the curricula since the mix between knowledge, hobby, and passion leads its students to success in their life in general, and in their practical life in particular.

  • To achieve the goal of integration and overlap based on respect for privacy, which creates the atmosphere the student needs when he/she enters the tracks of practical experiences later in his/her post-graduation life, the university plans to rejoice in the diversity in terms of nationalities among our staff as well as our students.

  • Application and training are two important goals of the university and they are based on a set of objective and subjective conditions that the university will provide in the early stages of establishing the university to be one of the most important pioneering institutions that the local, regional, and international governmental and non-governmental institutions use to provide the finest types of training services.

  • In order to make Lusail University distinguished among its Qatari and Gulf counterparts at the international level, the university administration attaches great importance to scientific research among university professors and students since scientific research is one of the criteria to recognise the distinguished universities around the world. To this end, the university will establish a research centre named Lusail Centre for Research and Strategic Studies in cooperation with some international institutions, in terms of research, organizing of scientific conferences and the publication of scientific journals specialized in fields related to the programs offered at the university.

  • Within the university’s management plan for the following years to develop master’s and doctoral programs with various specializations in cooperation with high ranked Arab and international universities, and in connection with the two aforementioned points, Lusail University provides, according to the agreements signed with the university above mentioned parties, the location, facilities and supervising professors that help the graduate student to pursue his/her studies in Qatar instead of travelling to any other country. This program guarantees the graduation of high-level competencies in accordance with the scientific quality standards of the high ranked international universities without high expensive costing.

  • For making the outputs in line with the measurements of the various economic sectors in the State of Qatar, the region, and the world, the university sets its needs with the participation of the economic sectors within the academic curricula.

  • The participation of economic sectors with the university in defining their needs in academic programs, and therefore the results are in line with the measures of the various economic sectors of the State of Qatar, the region and the world.