Lusail University is the first privet national university of its kind, which comes in light of the support and keenness of our wise leadership on constructive education which rise the nation and generations, and this harmonize with the vision of the State of Qatar 2030, which makes the citizen an essential pillar through his/ her development and education, and raises the level of education in its various stages, and improve its outcomes, quality, and competitiveness.

The desired goals of Lusail University are limitless; we seek to lay down solid foundations for modern and innovative education in cooperation with prestigious universities to be a breakthrough for the university towards globalization, taking the best educational practices to be a strong educational distinguish foundation for building distinguished graduates who are able to advance the labor market.

We also do not lose sight of the role and importance of scientific research in providing solid foundations in all fields and pumping them according to the needs of the state, and to build an academic reputation locally and internationally. In addition to the national duty to serve the community via University academic staff.

Lusail University is aiming to contribute to planting the results of education in the bright minds and to reap the results of the experiences and competencies which nations rise up and civilizations built. As we aim to achieve the highest achievements through the joining hands with sincerely and dedication to reach success and prosperity and graduate of competencies which being imitated in various sectors of the state and outside it.