Lusail Club for Business Innovation

  • Providing free consultations for small and medium business projects in the agricultural and industrial, commercial and service fields in cooperation with the relevant institutions.

  • Setting regular and organized programs for university students and professors to visit schools in the surrounding area to the university for educational and informational purposes, where lectures are given and seminars are held on selected topics, as well as focusing on visiting villages and remote schools as well.

  • Launching studies aimed at identifying the needs of the local community and the priorities and areas that the university can serve, such as the industrial and agricultural sectors.

  • Benefiting from national programs to support projects that serve the local institutions community, such as the Scientific Research Support Fund and other community empowerment funds.

  • Publishing journals or periodicals from the university address the local community and distribute them to schools and municipalities that highlight the social pest control.

  • Work to attract support from international organizations and donors to implement community service projects, such as capacities building programs, infrastructure development, or educational scholarships, or community services.

  • University students and professors visit Lusail city administrations to provide explanations of what the university can offer, and also listen to the problems that the university can solve.

  • Coordination with local investors to provide scholarships for outstanding or destitute students.

  • Make invitations to outstanding school students to visit and get to know the university, and offer some symbolic prizes for them.

  • Communication with the ministries - Education and Higher Education / Culture and Sports to coordinate with them on their social activities so that the university to become an active partner with them.

  • The university interacts with the lectures, seminars, and activities that are held outside the university by attending and participating.

  • Intensify the local community's participation in its social activities, such as national celebrations and events.

  • Holding introductory meetings between representatives of the university and various civil society institutions, such as associations, cultural clubs, and others.

  • Participation of the relevant authorities in the various university councils and committees, especially the advisory committees of colleges and centers.

  • Environmental impact: It is within the framework of developing and supporting sustainable environmental programs and preserving and developing the local environment through the following:

Activating the university’s role and community participation in preserving the environment through organizing workshops and lectures inside and outside the university that aims at educating the local community about environmental risks and environmental pollution.

Launching the environmental sustainability project with all its items on water, solid waste, carbon emissions, energy, etc., and operating and developing the alternative energy (solar) project and activating the "smoke-free university" initiative and then "a Qatari society without smoking".

Assess environmental impact for all university projects in the framework of the university's pivotal role in preserving the local environment, and in order to enhance its positive role in sustainable environment development.

The university is ready to participate and help in organizing and managing logistical issues for the 2022 World Cup and all major events held by Qatar.