Keys to Success

The ingredients for success

  • Private University:

    Lusail University project is the first private national university experience in Qatar.

  • Interdisciplinary Programs:

    Lusail University programs are distinguished from other offered programs by a diversity of knowledge that helps the graduate to complete his readiness for appropriate jobs.

  • Integrity:

    In line with Qatar vision 2030, integrity takes on special importance in all programs implemented at the university for the graduates to be community leaders in Qatar.

  • Career Services:

    Lusail University strives to direct and monitor its graduates to obtain jobs that suit their specialties and strengths.

  • Academic Staff:

    The university teaching staff consists of two groups; the first of which is a group of distinguished professors from the higher education sector who graduated from leading universities, and the second group consists of senior persons of finance, business, industry, commerce, law and other specializations who will provide the university students with their long experience in the fields of specializations related to the programs offered by the university.

  • Multi-Testing Method

    The final tests for the materials presented at the university consist of a set of tests, including traditional written tests, applied and research projects, tests related to community service that help the student to be part of his surroundings and contribute to his development, and other recent tests.

  • Licensing projects:

    During the first years, the university offers ready-to-use study programs with the help of the Hassan II University in Casablanca, in the Kingdom of Morocco. In addition, the university strives to offer its second year programs, focusing on the departments of modern science, engineering and energy, and master's and doctoral programs in various disciplines.