Lusail University is distinguished by the following:

Academic Staff Proficiency:

The university’s faculty consists of a mixture of professors specializing in accredited programs at the university, and graduates of Arab and foreign universities of an outstanding level, who are equipped with experiences in the various disciplines of the materials offered in various programs, especially the applied ones.

Programs Efficiency:

The adopted programs of various Lusail University colleges include topics that enable the students to understand the research methodologies and its different methods that help graduates after entering the workplace to be able to find problems, analyse the causes, and suggest solutions. In general, and according to what he takes from the materials, a graduate of Lusail University will be able to address the different types of problems that he/she faces in practical life.

Interdisciplinary Programs:

The university presents developed programs that are a mixture of scientific, knowledgeable, and applicable subjects that offers the student knowledge and helps him apply what he learnt in his practical life. The offered subjects in the various colleges programs are distinguished with the interconnectedness between these subjects and the other subjects in the same program. This interconnectedness is not limited to subjects in the same program, rather, among other various programs too, which is the new scientific direction in major universities of the world. As a result, Lusail University will be among the few leading universities that give its graduates high potential to meet the global demand for multi-knowledge workforce.


Annually, The University hosts a number of important well-known personalities with specializations related to the university’s programs and with distinguished experiences to meet students of scientific departments related to their specialties to offer them their personal experiences, especially in the face of the challenges that a person can face in his/her practical life.

Affordable Fees:

Establishing relatively acceptable fees and study costs in comparison with other private universities in the State of Qatar and the Gulf in general, and in line with the cost of living for the majority of classes and communities in the State of Qatar, is one of the things that the university has worked on.

Environmental and Culture Variety:

It is planned that Lusail University will provide a distinguished university environment for its students in terms of educational and university facilities, facilities for activities co-curricula activities, and sports and recreational facilities that ensure the student's association with the university throughout his studies there, as well as everything that secures his safety and comfort.


Lusail University is interested in drawing a work map for its graduates by developing means of communication with local, regional and international bodies to meet the need of graduates with high qualifications and skills. It also works to cover the needs of the labour market starting with choosing the correct programs that match the demand for work and its details, through providing teaching and training cadres that raise the graduate level to the level of demand in the labour market, and ending with harnessing the relationships that Lusail University builds with its environment of business and interests to facilitate the entry of its graduates to Labour market. Lusail University will establish as well an effective working group among the Alumni and help graduates; on the one hand, to find suitable jobs, while on the other hand, would be an important tribute among others of the university that it uses in everything related to raising the level of student awareness and understanding of the work and interests that represent the community environment in which the student / graduate lives.

Entrepreneurship and Opportunity Creating:

Lusail University works to enhance and develop the creative thinking skills of its students with the aim that their choices in their knowledge and work are innovative and not repeated, which leads to the creation of new opportunities outside the context of traditional opportunities and this means not waiting for or searching for opportunities but rather creating those opportunities.

Programs Modernity:

Lusail University has designed academic, applied, and training programs in cooperation with outside environment of business and interests, so that the education and training of students in the graduation phase meet the market need and consider the specificities of university students and helps to find suitable jobs for them.

Entrepreneurial Integration and Creativity:

Lusail University operates pioneering integration and creativity through the programs and curricula offered that raise the level of students in practice. Ideas and creations will be discussed with teaching staff specialized scientifically and practically in the applied fields, especially in the university's leadership and strategic communication program and through the establishment of the Lusail Business Innovation Club (LBIC), which will be part of the university's contributions to sustainable community development.